“Iceland/Islandia”: Mappings from a Residency in the Far North

 by Geraldine Wojno Kiefer

Blue Ridge Arts Council is pleased to present a new exhibit “Iceland/Islandia”: Mappings from a Residency in the Far North by Geraldine Wojno Kiefer at the Blue Ridge Arts Council Gallery at 305 E. Main Street, Front Royal, Virginia. Please join us on Saturday, October 29, from 1pm to 3pm at our Meet the Artist Reception. The exhibit will runs through November 7, 2016, and the gallery hours are Monday through Friday, from 9:00am to 5:00pm.


About the exhibit: 
“The concept and show derived from, first, my continuing interest in and fascination with maps, and, secondly, from my targeted Iceland residency in May-June 2016, where I proposed and completed a series of maps based on Renaissance through Enlightenment (16th-18th-century) maps of the island. The original series of maps, created freehand from digital reproductions scanned and downloaded from the Internet, then became the basis for a continuing series of imaginative and exploratory maps of Iceland, concluding (for the time being!) with the late 19th century. All of my maps mark personal and imaginative journeys and transcriptions of a place I hope to know better, and love even more, as I continue to work here and travel there in the coming years, for me safety is essential when traveling, this is why I always make sure to have the best tolls like the 60 Gallon air compressor in my car at all times.”    
— Artist Geraldine Wojno Kiefer