Deb Booth - Lovely Lines


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Opening Reception Saturday, January 20, 2pm to 4pm

Lovely Lines, Photography & Contemporary Quilling

by Deb Booth

From the Artist Deb Booth,

Quiller, Photographer, Digital Artist:

We’re surrounded by bits of brilliance that we consistently ignore, in our hustle and bustle world. I try to stop and capture those bits of brilliance, and bring them into focus (pun intended). I see the world in a different light – and try to bring that to those who view my images. I love to experiment and explore all kinds of art,  so I have also played with fractals, kaleido-images, Zentangle, digital collage, and stained glass.

My love of photography came as a result of a solo trip to Italy, in 2002. When I came back with over 1100 images, my husband bought me a printer – which came with digital editing software.I began experimenting with the editing program, and I was hooked. I love taking “what is” and turning it into “what it COULD be.”

In February of 2015, I learned about contemporary quilling on Pinterest, of all places. Quilling is “the art or craft of making decorative designs out of thin strips of rolled paper. I adore playing with all the beautiful colored quilling papers out there, as well as cutting my own quilling strips using colored cardstock. I work with strips as thin as 1/16th of an inch up to an inch wide.

Quilling: a way for me to let my thoughts, cares and worries recede, and allow for Spirit to speak to, and through, me. The only thing I can sit down to do, and not look up again for four hours – and never once think about the passage of time. What a joy!

Artist’s Biography:

Deb has had no formal training in photography, or as a quiller. Her work stemmed from (a pun!) floral macro studies (super close-ups of flowers) and blossomed (another pun!) to include landscapes, architecturals, composed scanned images, kaleido-images and fractals.

She began teaching a creativity course in 2007, firmly convinced that people NEED to create, and that *everyone* is creative.

She put down the camera for a bit to learn quilling, which quickly became her passion. She now teaches quilling in 1-day workshops around the area.

Her photography and quilling are on display in various places in Virginia, including  C’ville Arts on the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville, OASIS in Harrisonburg, the Warehouse Art Gallery in Luray, and the Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen, just outside of Richmond.